More than Public Relations...

We know that engaging the public and building consent takes more than a good PR plan. At Group Solutions, we make project stakeholders our obsession. Whether it´s getting the right people to the table, encouraging talking and listening, keeping communication flowing, navigating past obstacles, or attending to the numerous details that define success, we focus on facilitating communication and resolving stakeholder issues so that decisions are made and projects move forward. A leader in the field, Group Solutions has built its reputation on integrity and professionalism. But what makes us unique is our positive approach and unending commitment to results. For every problem, there is a solution. For every conflict, common ground. For every audience, appropriate communication tools. We don´t stop until we find your stakeholder solution. A lot is riding on it.


Group Solutions publishes guest opinions on current topics of public interest. Opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of Group Solutions’ management or staff. Suggestions for future topics should be forwarded to