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Don’t Use that Word!

Introducing a new product or service to the community via a news release requires “sticking to the facts and skipping the hype”, according to the PR News staff, which is hosting a “Boot Camp” in Boston in September to discuss this and other topics in more detail. In fact, the group has come up with a list of 25 words and phrases that have become almost meaningless because of overuse. They advise PR pros not to avoid these words entirely, but to use them judiciously.

Here are the offenders: announced, authentic, award-winning, best of breed, cross platform, cutting edge, exciting, exclusive, groundbreaking, impact, improved, innovative, launched, leader/leading, leverage, next generation, new, proactive, proud to announce, revolutionary, solution, state of the art, unprecedented, up and coming and unique.

MoPac Intersection Improvements Studied for Southwest Austin

If you travel MoPac for work or play in southwest Austin, you know bad traffic congestion first-hand, especially at the Slaughter Lane and La Crosse Avenue intersections.

Help may be soon on the way! Officials with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are working with local partners to study mobility and safety improvements at those intersections.  In light of public input received last fall and continuing engineering analysis, the Mobility Authority and TxDOT are designing underpasses at Slaughter Lane and La Crosse Avenue. A “do nothing” or No-Build option is also still under consideration.

Additional community meetings are planned, so please watch your inbox for times/dates! Visit www.MoPacSouth.com for information and to sign up for updates.